Transaction fees

Is your amount too low to spend?

All Bitcoin transactions include by default a network transaction fee, which must be included to ensure a miner picks up your transaction and includes it in a block.

The amount of this fee depends on the size of the transaction as determined by number of inputs and outputs, not the amount of money being sent. To send all the funds in your wallet, with fee already calculated, just tap on "Use all available funds".

If the amount stored in your wallet is lower than the transaction fee required to send it, you will not be able to send the funds until your wallet has enough balance to pay the required fees. (Note that even in this case, it may cost more in fees to send a small amount of BTC than the value of the transaction itself.)

Transactions on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network are much cheaper than on the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network, but the two networks are distinct. Funds sent from the BTC network will remain on the BTC network, and vise versa with BCH.

You can use this tool to calculate the recommended BTC network transaction fee at any given time.

Bitcoin Cash fees are set by default to calculate at the lowest rate to be confirmed on the network (Usually only 1sat/B) using the wallet
You can change the Network Fee of your BTC transactions in the "Settings" menu:
Tap on "Settings" -> select "Bitcoin network fee policy -> You can see the average confirmation times for the network fee you have selected above.

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