How to add contacts to the address book?

To add contacts to your Address Book please follow the instructions below;


Tap on Settings at the bottom of your wallet


Select Address Book


If you already have contacts and want to add more, tap on the "+" icon at the top right.

If you have no contacts added the screen will display "No contacts yet" with an option to "add contact" below.


To add a new contact just tap on Add contact and either copy and paste or scan the QR code of the bitcoin (BTC/BCH) address you wish to add to your address book.


Next, add a name to the contact and make sure you have the correct coin selected for the address you are adding - (BTC) for Bitcoin Core addresses and (BCH) for Bitcoin Cash addresses (you will need this for future reference). You can also add an email address to the contact if you wish.


Once you have all contact details entered, click on Save and the bitcoin address will be added to your address book.