Sending Bitcoin Core (BTC)

To send your BTC out of your Wallet simply tap on "send" and enter the bitcoin address you want to send BTC to.
On the next screen make sure BTC is selected, if it shows BCH then just tap on "switch currencies" and it will swap from BCH to BTC, now just enter the amount you want to send and tap on [-->] to proceed to the send screen.

The fee will now be calculated and a page displayed showing you details of the transaction you are about to send.
Please double check that the amount and address you are about to send BTC to is all correct, if everything is correct just swipe to send. (If you have a spending password set you will have to enter that now)

Please Note: Because bitcoin transactions (both BTC & BCH) cannot be reversed, it is always recommended to copy and paste bitcoin addresses rather than typing them, and always double check that the address you pasted is correct. does not have access to your private keys and therefore we have no control over funds in your wallet or any transactions made.