Sent funds not showing up at receiving address.

If you made a Bitcoin Core (BTC) transaction, please check the intended receiving address on the BTC blockchain to make sure the funds have indeed been sent.

To do the same for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) please check the BCH blockchain here.

If it appears as confirmed on the blockchain, then the funds have been received at that address. If the transaction does not appear there, the funds either were not sent, were sent to the same address on a different network (BTC & BCH only), or were sent to a different address.

If you have sent bitcoins to a receiving address from your wallet, but the funds are not showing. Then it sounds like you may have sent Bitcoin Core (BTC) to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address, or vise-versa. Fortunately with the wallet you control your own private keys, so if you have received BTC to a BTC address or vise-versa, you should be able to recover it

You can read more about "Recovering Bitcoins" here

Please feel free to email our helpful wallet support team, if you require further assistance: