Selling Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The easiest place to sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH) now is on our https://local.bitcoin.com/ site. No KYC is required, and setting up an account will take less than 5min.
Please check out the site and sign up, we even have a referral program.

Once you have an account setup, then it is a simple as placing your sell order and either waiting for a buyer to contact you, or search for one yourself.
The site has it's own type of non-custodial escrow system to keep buyers and sellers safe as possible from scams.
Please read our "Getting Started" guides first: https://local.bitcoin.com/guides

Another option is to sell your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on a crypto exchange, you will need to open an account at one of the many exchanges listed here. Once you have setup an exchange account, you will then have to send your Bitcoin Cash to the exchange deposit address (which you will usually find in the 'deposit' section of your exchange account), sell them on the exchange and then withdraw the fiat currency (Euro, Dollar, etc.) to your bank account.

Please note that because transactions on the bitcoin (BTC/BCH) network cannot be reversed it is always recommended that you copy and paste a bitcoin address rather than typing them, and always double check the address you pasted is correct.

Bitcoin.com does not have access to your private keys and therefore we have no control over funds in your wallet or any transactions made.

Instead of going to all the trouble of setting up an exchange account and selling your remaining bitcoins, you could just purchase something like some gift cards or anything else you might need?

I would highly suggest that before selling your bitcoins that you take our free email course called "Bitcoin Basics". It will teach you all the basics to using bitcoins and once you know how to use it better, you can purchase something with any leftover bitcoins instead of going to the trouble of selling them.

There really is a lot of neat stuff you can buy with bitcoins now, especially with BCH, . As mentioned you can buy gift cards and often get a nice discount: https://giftcards.bitcoin.com/
Purse.io has always been a good, it allows bitcoin users to get up to 30% off anything sold on Amazon: https://purse.io/shop

There may also be stores locally that accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) you don't know about yet, check the map here: https://marcocoino.bitcoin.com/

And if it's bitcoin swag you are after, then we have you covered at the Bitcoin.com Store