Using the SideShift BTC to BCH Feature

To trade Bitcoin Core (BTC) for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) directly within the wallet, just follow the simple steps below:


From your "wallets" homepage, scroll down and select "Exchange between BTC and BCH" from the "Useful Links" section.


Select "Start SideShift AI"


Now select the BTC wallet you want to send funds from


Next, select the BCH wallet you want the exchanged funds to be sent to


Now just select the amount (in BTC or fiat amount) that you want to trade for BCH and click on "Next".
Please be sure to take note of the minimum and maximum amounts accepted by SideShift that will be displayed on the "Enter Amount" screen.


Once you have entered the amount of BTC you wish to trade to BCH, the wallet will display the final confirmation screen. Here you are advised to check all details including the amount, what BTC wallet your funds will be sent from and what BCH wallet is receiving the exchanged balance.
You will also see a personal note of the SideShift Order number. Please do not erase this note or try to type over it.


If all is correct, just tap "Click to Send" and your trade will be made (If you have a spending password set, you will have to enter that now).


You will now be taken back to the "wallets" homepage. You should see the new BCH appear in your account after the first confirmation.

You can also use the feature to trade BCH for BTC, to do so just swap BCH for BTC in the steps above for the receiving currency.

If you have any problems receiving the coins you shifted on SideShift, please contact their support team on the email address below. Please make sure to provide them with the SideShift Order number (you can find this on the sent transaction in your BTC wallet).
SideShift support email: